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    Jason Peloquin

     I always knew that I wanted to become a chiropractor! Allow me to explain why I am so passionate about CHIROPRACTIC care and how  I'm certain this type of health care is so effective. 

    Long before I was born, there  was a chiropractor in the family named Uncle Dewey. Although I never had an opportunity to meet him, he provided my family with alternative options to help heal the body.

    At the age of two, my parents sought out chiropractic care for my internally rotated left foot. The chiropractor designed a brace and gave my parents exercises to help me. He also adjusted my ankle joint regularly. Eventually, my foot recovered 100%.

    When I reached to about 3 years old, I would rub my older cousins' necks for a dollar, and they would say to me, 'One day your going to be a chiropractor!'. 

    At age 17, I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in which I hit my head on the roof of the car. I immediately felt sharp pain straight down to my low back. I had that low back pain for years until I finally understood what was wrong with me. I had lost the curve in my neck, thus causing more strain to my low back. Through chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise I was able to correct that reoccurring problem and my back is finally healed.

    Today I maintain an athletic lifestyle that involves sports and exercise. I try to encourage my patients to do the same once their condition improves. I am a testament to chiropractic care and to the belief that the power that created the body can heal the body. It's just that simple.

    So I encourage you to see me if you are pregnant. have a musculoskeletal injury or if your child is suffering from chronic health problems. Through my treatments, I can help you gain better health by utilizing your body's natural healing abilities. 


    University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic 


    NY state License number X011068 

    Memberships & Associations:

    American Chiropractic Association

    New York Chiropractic Council

    New York State Chiropractic Association 


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